Laboratory1The main business activity of Chemiral is procurement of turn-key laboratories for Mining, Mineral Processing, Metallurgical, Petrochemical and Oil/Gas Projects/Plants; and in this Chemiral is the leading company in MENA and GCC region.

Chemiral is one of the few companies in GCC, which provides clients with Complete Turn-Key solution for green-field laboratory projects. Chemiral starts consulting its clients, mainly top international EPC contractors and large Oil/Gas and Mining conglomerates in GCC about their laboratory unit, proposing list of needed equipment, applications, and vendor list.  Accordingly, Chemiral then is contracted on EPC basis for the entire supply of Laboratory Unit of the Plant/Project.

In fact, Chemiral has the capability to provide Turn-Key laboratory solutions for Mineral Processing and Metallurgical Plants. Typical value of each Turn-Key laboratory contract is Euro 2 to Euro 3 million, and consists on average of 40 equipment plus 100 pcs of consumables and general glass-wares.  With reputable suppliers and a solid infrastructure (ERP and Database), Chemiral has the right tools, knowledge and expertise to manage, execute, and supervise such complex laboratory projects. Chemiral has successfully managed and executed over 200 EPC projects (Engineering, Procurement, Commissioning) in MENA/GCC region.

Some of our references :

       Qatar Steel

       Afghanistan Ministry of Mines and Petroleum

       Afghanistan Ministry of Energy and Water

       Qatar Aluminum

       Qatar Gas

       Bahrain Aluminum

       Midrex (Bahrain)

       Vale (Oman)

       Oman Chrome

       Maaden (Saudi Arabia)

       ARAMCO (Saudi Arabia)


       Afghan Ministry of Higher Education 

       Ministry of Industry and Minerals

       Ministry of Water Resources (Iraq)

       EMAL (UAE)

       DUBAL (UAE)

       Ministry of Oil (Iraq)

       Afghan Customs Department

       Afghanistan Ministry of Commerce and Industries

       Non-Ferrous China


       Kazakh Ore

       Kraft Food

       Ministry of Petroleum and Mineral Resources (KSA)

       Iraq Ministry of Higher Education and Scientific Research (MOHESR)

       Afghanistan Reconsruction and Development Services (ARDS)

       Northern Heavy Industries (NHI)

       Ministry of Health (Bahrain)


       Ministry of Transportation (Bahrain)

       Ministry of Transport (Armenia)


       Afghanistan Geological Survery (AGS)

       Bahrain Petroleum Co. (BAPCO)

       United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO)


       Afghan Ministry of Mines and Industry (former)

       Armenia Ministry of Energy and Natural Resources

       Afghanistan Ministry of Transport and Civil Aviation